Villa Gareza Outdoor Advertising

List of Operating Equipments

 QUANTITY:                   BRAND – MODEL:                     DESCRIPTION:

One (1) unit                Scanvec Casmate Pro                       Computer software

One (1) unit                52” Mimake CG – 121                     Computerized Cutter/Plotter

Eight  (8) units                Intel Pentium V                                 Computer processor
One  (1) unit              Asus Pentium 4 (laptop)                Portable computer

One (1) unit                  HP scan jet 3200 C                High Resolution scanner

One (1) unit                 A4 Tech AF – 4200T               High Resolution Scanner

Four (4) units             Cannon BJC – 4200 SP                     Colored printer

One (1) unit                    EPSON Stylus II                            Color printer

One (1) unit                    EPSON LX – 800                           Colored printer

Four (4) units             Daiden welding machine             600-Watts heavy duty 

Two (2) units            Yamato welding machine             240-Watts heavy duty 

Two (2) units               Nikkon Megweld - 85           Aluminum welding Machine

Two (2) units                   Argon Bottle                        1.40m Tall Cylinder

Four (4) units              14” Makita Cutter          Heavy duty Cut – off machine

Three (3) sets          Oxygen/Acetylene bottle         Cutting and welding outfit

Three (3) units        12” Makita aluminum cutter     Aluminum cut- off machine

Four (4) units                Makita electric drill           Heavy-duty with hammer

Four (4) units               Makita electric drill                  light duty electric drill

Two (2) units                   Makita Japan                          electric router

Two (2) units              Makita electric jigsaw                   Portable cutter

Two (2) units                 Rexon scroll saw            16” wood and plastic cutter

Two (2) units                   Makita Japan                       circular power saw

Eight (8) units                  Makita Japan                  Portable electric grinder

One (1) unit                       Yamato                           Welding Generator

Fifty (50) sets               Steel scaffolding               5’H x 5’L x 4’W stand wide

List of Support Vehicles

(1)   Mitsubishi Canter       

(1)   Isuzu Elf

(1)   AUV Carter

(1)   Jeep Grand Cherokee

(1)   Feroza Daihatsu

(1)   Toyota Crown Royal Saloon


Recent Updates

Word of the Day

2 Corinthians 9:10

For God is the one who gives seed

to the farmer and then bread to eat.

In the same way, he will give you

many opportunities to do good,

and he will produce a great harvest

of generosity in you.

One of our church members takes every opportunity to share the Word ofGod and the good news of Jesus with her co-workers by giving them Godlyadvice when they seek advice.She also manages to squeeze in a little prayer time for her co-workersduring her lunch breaks. With these little actions she was able toplant the seedling of God’s Word in her colleague's hearts. For now,she is still sowing the seeds of Love, but later on her harvest timewill come. Jesus taught us in Matthew 9:37-38 that, “The harvest is sogreat, but the workers are so few. So pray to the Lord who is in chargeof the harvest; ask him to send out more workers for his fields." Ifyou want to reap a great harvest in your life, take the time to wiselyshare the Word of God with those around you. But always remember that to be a harvester for God, you’ve got to be working in His vineyard.

by: Pastor Jundy Bautista